Step 1: Complete Entry Form 

Music and Jazz Solo Exam
Rock & Pop Exam
Diploma Exam

Step 2: Send Payment 
Account Name: Stringstastic Pty Ltd

BSB: 012 290
Account Number: 3058 1621 1
Exam Fees
Diploma Exam Fees

Step 3: Send Payment Confirmation

Step 4: Receive Confirmation Email
It may be in your junk mail if you do not see it within a couple of weeks. If you cannot find it, email Lorraine Chai. This email will have your login and temporary password. Go to this website and try it out!

Step 5: Login and Change Password
*Write down your login and new password. You will need it for the results later. 

Step 6: Confirm Your Identity In Portal
*Once in your portal, you will have to confirm your identity as a teacher or a student over 18

Step 7: Upload Video
*Please check to make sure video is an mp4 or mov file. The file must also be under 1GB. There are two areas to submit files on the same page. Double check that you are submitting the video and the forms in the correct areas.

Step 8: Upload Completed Submission Form
Submission Form

Step 9: Upload Sheet Music and Programme
*You only need to upload sheet music if you are not using Trinity publications and you only need to submit a programme for diploma exams. Also, please double check that the documents are in the acceptable formats. Save the page once you are done.

Step 10: Enter Your Files For Grading
*Your results should be back in a couple of weeks and an email will be sent to let you know. If you do not see an email, login into your portal and check if it is graded. Write to Lorraine Chai if the results are not in a couple of weeks or if the exam was referred.

Step 11: Have A Drink, You Are Done! 😂