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Getting Started

Lesson Information / Terms and Conditions


Clarinet / Sax / Flute

This section is currently under construction. 

Drums on Sand

Percussion / Drums

Percussion: If the student is participating in a school band programme. It is highly recommended that they take percussion lessons. These lessons include, keyboard percussion, snare drum, timpani, and much more. It is also recommended that they purchase a percussion pack that includes a snare drum and a student glockenspiel. These can be purchased from Optimum Percussion. If the student is in high school, it is recommended that they also purchase my Luke Thatcher Pro Mallet Pack (also available from Optimum Percussion). This pack includes sticks and mallets needed for their band programme. Every student needs their own metronome as well. Some books to get started include:

The Snare Drummer's Toolbox by Row-Loff Productions

The Mallet Player's Toolbox by Row-Loff Productions

The Essential Guide to Reading Rhythm by Bill Kezelos

(There will be more books/pieces recommended as the student progresses)

Drum Kit: It is highly recommended that the student starts with owning their own drum kit. A minimum of a 5-piece kit is recommended with a ride cymbal, crash cymbal, and hi-hats so they can participate in examinations. Acoustic kits are always going to be the best choices but electronic kits are acceptable if volume and space is an issue. Please contact us to discuss which kits will work best for your situation. The student must also own a metronome. The books each student will need to get started are: 

Drum Sessions (Books 1 & 2) by Peter O'Gorman

The Essential Guide to Reading Rhythm by Bill Kezelos

Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer by Jim Riley


Playing the Timpani
Work Desk
Work Desk

Terms and Conditions

1. Lessons missed owing to illness will be made up at the teacher's discretion, and only when notification is received by the teacher no later than 7:30am on the morning of the lesson. 

2. Notification of a student's inability to attend a lesson due to a scheduled school excursion, medical appointment, or examination is the responsibility of the parent or student and must be given to the private teacher at the earliest opportunity and no later than 24 hours prior to the lesson time, otherwise the lesson will be forfeited.


3. It is the expectation that if a student is well enough to attend school, then they will attend their music lessons, even if a minor ailment precludes them playing or singing, as aural work and musicianship can be covered during that time. 

4. Where a teacher offers alternative times for missed lessons and these do not prove convenient, the lessons will be forfeited.


5. Where a student wishes to present for an external examination, the teacher reserves the right to decide, if, when and what level the pupil should enter and having entered, reserves the right to decide whether or not the pupil should present for that examination.

6. Students learning an instrument are expected to participate in appropriate musical ensembles where applicable.

7. For any student to succeed or make progress in learning to play an instrument, regular practice is required. Parents are encouraged to assist their child in the establishment of a regular practice routine, with the guidance of their instrumental teacher. The rate of progress and the amount of pleasure derived from playing an instrument is directly related to the amount and quality of practice undertaken by the student.   

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